BSA Merit Badge Day Preparation

For Scouts who have registered for a specific merit badge day, please review this preparation checklist.

* Registration is required for all Merit Badge Days
* Be sure that you have registered your scout before continuing on with the rest of this page.

  1. Click HERE to pay for your scout. DO NOT PAY UNLESS YOU HAVE REGISTERED
  2. Download registration packet and read through.
  3. Download the Merit Badge books (Graphic Arts and Pulp and Paper) and read through.
  4. Visit the websites and YouTube videos here
  5. Complete any projects or tasks outlined in your registration packet.
  6. Bring at least one blank, light colored T-shirt for screen printing.
  7. Come prepared in your class B uniform with at least one blank T-shirt to print.
  8. Plan for Snack Shack ($1-$2 items) you can pre-pay for either at time of check-in on your Merit Badge Day.
  9. Download Parent/Guardian RELEASE FORM.

Every registered Scout must also fill out, and have a parent/guardian sign the release form and present it at check-in on Saturday morning at the event. Or, you may FAX it to (310) 515-8266.

You cannot participate in the event without the release form.