Richard J. Hoffman Legacy Exhibit

Hoffman with Columbian | International Printing MuseumFriends of Richard Hoffman have determined that the time is right to honor him with his inclusion on The Legacy Wall at The International Printing Museum as one of the few chosen individuals who has made a difference in the history of printing in Southern California and the nation. Richard not only produced thousands of pieces of fine printing over his long career, his contributions to further generations also made a significant difference.

Richard Hoffman was a role model for all in the way he approached his endeavors. Never excepting anything but the best, he sought to apply his knowledge, typographic rules, experience, sensibilities and uniqueness to each project. To that foundation he added his press acumen and attention to detail to produce a finely printed piece with each project. All this came in the process of shaping the next generation for the field. Richard led by example and taught in a way that was demanding and focused on the growth of the individual.