Book Arts Patch Day for Girls

Upcoming Dates: May 29, September 18

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The Book Arts Patch Day for Girls is designed for all girls age 10-18 to learn about and practice the book arts through hands-on experience. If you are a Girl Scout, the BOOK ARTS PATCH DAY will help fulfill the requirements for the Girl Scouts Cadette Book Artist Patch. However, the Book Arts Patch Day is open for all girls, whether they are a Girl Scout, American Heritage Girl, sister of a Girl Scout, or just interested in a great experience.

The Book Arts Patch Day goes from 9 am to 3 pm, as teams of girls rotate between 6 stations covering every aspect of the book arts including: letterpess printing, papermaking, bookbinding, and illustration design. Each participant will make their own sheets of paper, make a variety of books using various methods, screenprint their own book covers and t-shirts, and much more. The day is filled with lots of hands-on activities and detailed presentations given by industry experts and educators.

The fee for the Book Arts Patch Day is $40 per participant. Cost covers all the activities and a special Book Arts Patch denoting participation in the program. A truly unique and not-to-miss event for girls in Southern California! Parents of Book Arts Patch Day participants can experience the day too!


Please Note: Do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone who has contracted Covid-19. To learn more about the symptoms please visit the CDC Website

  • All attendees will be required to wear a clean face mask at all times while at the Museum
  • All attendees will be temperature checked at the entrance
  • Please observe social distancing 
  • Surfaces and washrooms will be regularly wiped and disinfected
  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer will be available throughout the facility

How the day works:

The girls will rotate around stations lasting 30-45 minutes long in teams. There is a half-hour lunch in the middle in which the girls can purchase a slice of pizza, drink, and chips for $5 and/or extra snacks. Girls are also welcome to bring their own lunch. Parents are welcome to drop the girls off and leave for the day or to follow along. We do need at least one parent per team to be team leader and guide the girls from station to station. Parents who want to participate in the activities can register as well! Please note, adult chaperones are welcome to be at the museum during the day and observe the activities, however adults who would like to participate should register and pay the registration fee.

Spread the word:

If you are a girl scout leader or involved in a large group of parents, we would be happy to talk to you about the program

ADVANCE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT OF $40 IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. We can accommodate up to 72 girls at each event. Please note, these spots fill up quickly, if you are planning on signing up a group of girls we suggest you call in and check the space for that event date. For questions, call the International Printing Museum (310-515-7166) or email



The Merit Badge Days are made possible by the generous support of PIASC (Printing Industries Association of Southern California) RAISE Foundation. Learn more about the foundation.