Book Arts Patch Day Preparation

Book Arts Patch Day for GirlsIf you have already registered for Book Arts Patch Day, please go through the step below to prepare:

NOTE: Registration is required for all Book Arts Patch Days. Please register before continuing.

    1. CLICK HERE to submit payment DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT WITHOUT REGISTERING FIRST HERE The payment is non-refundable within 14 days of the event. If there is a date conflict, participants are welcome to reschedule to a later Book Arts Patch Day, however, rescheduling more than twice may result in a rescheduling fee. 
    2. If you are unable to complete the online payment, please contact the Museum for alternate payment methods.
  1. Download the Book Arts Patch Day Registration Packet.
  2. Download the Book Artists Cadette Badge Requirements (Girl Scouts of America only)
  3. Bring at least one blank, light colored T-shirt for screen printing.
  4. There will be a basic hot dog lunch available for purchase, as well as a snack shack with snacks and drinks. You can also bring your own bag lunch or snacks if you choose.
  5. Download the Parent/Guardian RELEASE FORM. Every registered participant must have the signed Parent/Guardian RELEASE FORM at check-in at the event. You cannot participate in the event without this form.