October 2008 Wayzgoose Gazette

Wayzgoose Gazette - October 2008 - V. 13 No. 3 | International Printing MuseumJust after New Year’s 2008, Museum Curator Mark Barbour received a by now familiar call from Hollywood. “We are looking to rent a printing press for a scene in our movie.” It’s a call the Printing Museum gets once or twice a year, having one of the largest and most diverse collections of antique printing equipment in Hollywood’s backyard. Mark always begins the conversation with a series of questions: “what is the time period being shot, describe what is being printed, does the press need to be working on set, when is the filming, what studio is involved, who is the star of the film.” Those last two questions are probably the most revealing. The budget for the counterfeiting scene on a Leonardo DiCaprio film is guaranteed to be higher than the time travel scene on a PBS-level children’s program.