May 2008 Wayzgoose Gazette

Wayzgoose Gazette - May 2008 - V. 13 No. 1 | International Printing MuseumSince the first Docent Saturday on April 2, 2005, the IPM’s Leather Apron Guild Docents led by Trustee and Docent Director Dr. Leland Whitson have contributed mightily by their volunteer efforts to making the Carson facility into a vibrant working museum. Thanks to all the Docents for helping to turn our warehouse, Book Arts Institute lab, Library, the Main Gallery and the Heritage Theater into attractive, well-organized museum spaces. They have helped to maintain and catalogue the myriad of machines and printing paraphernalia of Southern California’s stand-out and increasingly well-known repository of printing history. While we can’t recount here all the Leather Apron heroics since that first Docent Saturday, we devote a good part of this issue to highlighting 2007’s Docent doings and distinctions.