International Printing Museum

A Visit From Print Media Centr, Inc.

The International Printing Museum was honored to play host to Deborah Corn and Karis Copp of Print Media Centr, Inc. During their ProjectPeacock Print Fair tour, the two stopped by the museum to experience a bit of printing history. During their visit, Deborah and Karis learned about Chinese woodblock printing and Gutenberg’s invention of the “tool that changed the world,” the adjustable width type mold. They also had a chance to ink a form and pull an impression on the Gutenberg press. They finished their tour by printing keepsakes. Karis printed a card using an English parlor press (c. 1850) while Deborah used a Line-O-Scribe sign press (c. 1950) to print a bookmark. Thanks, Deborah and Karis, for coming by our museum. We hope to see you again the next time you’re in Southern California.


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