Things That Go Bump In The Nite

Phil_Ken_Halloween-cropped-green-face-desaturate1-285x300Things That Go Bump In The Nite

Be afraid . . . be VERY afraid . . .

Saturday, October 29th

performance at 8:00pm

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-legged beasties
And things that go bump
in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!
–Traditional Scottish Prayer

Haunted-HouseTired of the seasonal Zombies and chain saw massacres then join us for a grim and grisly adventure! You will have plenty of time to print your own messages from “The Great Beyond” on our antique presses assisted by our Phantom Printers in our Dead Letter Department. Then enter the theater for “Things That Go Bump In The Nite”. . . a collection of ghostly tales by master authors Kipling, Saki, Dickens, among others not usually known for their forays into the supernatural. These and other weird surprises are in store for you and your nearest and dearest but be careful of who or what you meet on these very special events at the Museum.

Remember to come early, as you would not want to be a “late” arrival,
since no one will be allowed into (or out of) the theater, once the performance begins.

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Email the Museum or call 310-515-7166 for more information about these ghostly, ghastly, and strange happenings.