School Grants / Funding

Grants for Museum Tours

Teachers and administrators looking for funding a visit from the International Printing Museum’s Ben Franklin Colonial Assembly, or your school’s field trip to the Printing Museum itself, which are State approved curriculum presentations should check these two sources. Target Corporation and Fedco / Charitable Foundation are offering easy to apply funding / grants for just this purpose.

School Grants

We know of two organizations that provide easy to apply online grants for schools visiting the International Printing Museum or to have the Printing Museum’s assembly visit your school. These organizations are Target Corporation and the Fedco Charitable Foundation.

Target School Grants

  • Target has the policy of giving 5% of their income to the community in the form of school grants.
  • Each Target store will award 3 field trip grants worth up to $700.
  • For more information Google “Target School Grants” or go to the Target Field Trip Grants website.

Fedco Teacher Grants