Wood Type


Wood Type - Neuland | International Printing Museumby Jim Thompson, IPM Board of Trustees

The wood-type for June is called Neuland. It was designed in 1923 by Rudolph Koch for the Kingspor Type Foundry in Germany. Neuland was originally cut in metal and came in two varieties Neuland (std) and Neuland Inline. The inline variety provides a white stripe running the length of each stroke. Both are shown in the sample above. It is thought that Koch was striving for a modern version of blackletter type when he designed Neuland. He retained the heavy stroke of blackletter but eliminated all serifs to achieve the streamlined look desired in the Art Deco 1920s. Koch intended the Neuland typeface to be the modern replacement for blackletter in use on important documents. However, when the Neuland typeface arrived in the US, its distributor, the Continental Typefounder’s Assoc promoted the heavy stroked Neuland as an eye catching advertising typeface. It was successful in this application and was later copied in wood-type. Our sample “PAGO PAGO” is a 6 line type from the American Woodtype Co. In the more recent decades, the Neuland typeface has become associated with a wild or exotic theme. This is exemplified with the logos showing Neuland (std) for the Broadway musical Lion King, and Neuland Inline for the movie Jurassic Park.