Wood Type


Woodtype-Sample-Eureka-300x92by Jim Thompson, IPM Board of Trustees

The wood type selected for September 2009 is called Eureka. This typeface was introduced by Wells & Company in 1877. It featured small split terminations at the ends of the vertical and horizontal strokes much like the divergent strokes on a capital Y. It was thought that to be a variation of a Page design from 1859 known as Antique Tuscan No 9 that had barely discernible split terminations. In addition according to R.R. Kelly, some European type of a similar design was being imported into the US in this time period. Independent of its origin, it was a popular typeface, and was often the basis for even more decorative types. It was soon copied by Page & Company, as was the custom of the day. Our sample “ICED TEA” is a 10-line version of Eureka made by Hamilton after that company acquired both the Wells and Page companies in the early 1990s.