Wood Type

Brush Script

Brush-Script-photo-300x115by Jim Thompson, IPM Board of Trustees

The wood-type for February is called Brush Script. This type was donated to the museum earlier this year by Mr. Milton Birnbaum, a long-time museum friend. He rescued the type for safekeeping at the closing of his father’s print shop in Florida. After some years, he decided that the museum would be a good home for it and we are most grateful.

The Rob Roy Kelly Wood Type website reports that the brush script dates back to 1859 when it was first shown by J. G. Cooley, a wood-type manufacturer. Script type in general achieved a modest degree of popularity later in the 1800s. The typeface resembles cursive handwriting, as perhaps executed with a brush, but some versions like ours departs from true script since the letters do not connect. Our sample “Type Gift” is an 8-line version manufactured by Page. Sadly, the name they chose for this beautiful type is # 226.