Washington 24″ x 35″

Washington 24" x 35" | International Printing MuseumThe Washington press differs from the Columbian and Albion in that a very simple toggle joint provides pressure to the platen and on each side of the platen are coil springs which raise it to open position.

The Washington hand press is the invention of Samuel Rust, an American who first produced his press in 1821. In 1834, R. Hoe & Company took over his firm and continued to make the Washington. Many firms manufactured the Washington, some well into the 1900’s. It was the last style of hand press made in the United States.

This press was made and sold by Palmer & Rey of San Francisco, the first successful Far West typefounder. (71 inches high)

Other Washington Hand Presses in the collection include:

  • 20×26 circa 1880 (74 inches high)
  • 16×21 circa 1885 (68 inches high)