Country Newspaper Press 33″ x 48″

Country Newspaper 33" x 48" | International Printing MuseumThe Campbell Company made a variety of presses into the twentieth century including one of the first web-fed country presses to print from flat type forms. In the operation of this early hand cranked Campbell, the sheet is fed to grippers on the bottom of the cylinder and moves under the cylinder for printing. When the complete form is printed, the cylinder is thrown off impression, and a quadrant gear reverses its rotation. The sheet, still held by the grippers, is pushed onto the fly which delivers it printed side down.

This press has been printing the same Kansas country-newspaper since 1871, when it is believed to have been purchased used. In 1970 the Howard Courant Citizen gave up its faithful Campbell and changed, somewhat abruptly, to the offset process. (13 feet long)