Country Newspaper Press 25″ x 38″

Country Newspaper 25" x 38" | International Printing MuseumThis press was nicknamed “Grasshopper” because the cylinder, traveling the length of the bed, is activated by two slotted bars which swing back and forth resembling the legs of a grasshopper. The press is extremely light-weight, considering the size sheet it can handle. Seven, eight, and nine column presses invented by Enoch Prouty were manufactured in the eighties by the Wisconsin firm of D. G. Walker & Company, who continued this style press, with modifications, into the early twentieth century. Enoch Prouty was a Baptist minister desirous of printing a temperance paper and, not being able to afford any presses available, he designed his own. Prouty had his press manufactured and, because of its modest price, light weight, and ready source of power (hand), it was adopted by country printers. The cylinder picks up the sheet from the feed-board, travels the length of the bed, releases the sheet, and returns to the feed-board similarly to the action of a modern proofpress. The throw-off is in the bed which descends before the return of the cylinder. Impression is effected by wheels locked underneath the bearers. (9 feet long)