Wayzgoose Gazette - December 2013 - No48 | International Printing Museum

December 2013 Wayzgoose Gazette

This issue celebrates our Museum’s 25th Anniversary, the 200th Birthday of the Columbian Press, our continuing success with our 5th Annual LA Printers Fair, and a remembrance of our good friend and Linotype Operator, Luis Garcia.

Wayzgoose Gazette - June 2013 - No. 47 | International Printing Museum

June 2013 Wayzgoose Gazette

Thumbpicking and Ukelele Books to Deep Impressions: An Engaging Year at the International Printing Museum

Wayzgoose Gazette - December 2012 - No. 46 | International Printing Museum

December 2012 Wayzgoose Gazette

The Printers Fair is the largest annual event at the Museum, using every square foot of space on the property, from the Museum galleries and theatre to the yard, parking lot and the entire rear Book Arts Institute building. It is really impressive to see such a sea of activity but especially the combined energy […]

Wayzgoose Gazette - June 2012 - No45 | International Printing Museum

June 2012 Wayzgoose Gazette

Doug Wilson’s Linotype: The Film is a wonderful look at what has been called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and an insightful look at the men and women who plied this trade commercially from the 1890s up until 1978. There were many emotional moments in the film, interviews with former Linotype operators including one […]

Wayzgoose Gazette - December 2011 - No. 44 | International Printing Museum

December 2011 Wayzgoose Gazette

The Museum’s historical collection provided an eerie backdrop to the wonderful performance. On Kids Krazy Krafts Day, another IPM first, the Museum had about 75 guests of all ages, lots of families and plenty of kids who left the Museum with really big smiles on their faces! During the day there were hours of fun […]

Wayzgoose Gazette - December 2010 - No. 42 | International Printing Museum

December 2010 Wayzgoose Gazette

From old westerns like Liberty Valance, Have Gun – Will Travel or Bonanza to more modern shows like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Catch Me If You Can, the presses in the Museum’s collection have been regular stars on the big screen.

Wayzgoose Gazette - April 2009 - V. 14 No. 1 | International Printing Museum

April 2009 Wayzgoose Gazette

Angeles Science Museum in 1986. But at the last minute, the earmarked funds from the Times-Mirror Foundation were redirected to the recently burned Los Angeles Public Library, and the Lindner Collection was again placed into storage.

Wayzgoose Gazette - October 2008 - V. 13 No. 3 | International Printing Museum

October 2008 Wayzgoose Gazette

Just after New Year’s 2008, Museum Curator Mark Barbour received a by now familiar call from Hollywood. “We are looking to rent a printing press for a scene in our movie.” It’s a call the Printing Museum gets once or twice a year, having one of the largest and most diverse collections of antique printing […]

Wayzgoose Gazette - August 2008 - V. 13 No. 2 | International Printing Museum

August 2008 Wayzgoose Gazette

It’s a document every American can recognize, and one that stirs national pride and identity. Engrossed (written in a large and readable script) on parchment, with the clear signature of John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin and 54 others, the image of the Declaration of Independence is familiar to all of us. But did you know that […]

Wayzgoose Gazette - May 2008 - V. 13 No. 1 | International Printing Museum

May 2008 Wayzgoose Gazette

Since the first Docent Saturday on April 2, 2005, the IPM’s Leather Apron Guild Docents led by Trustee and Docent Director Dr. Leland Whitson have contributed mightily by their volunteer efforts to making the Carson facility into a vibrant working museum. Thanks to all the Docents for helping to turn our warehouse, Book Arts Institute […]