Printers Fair Information

  WHERE                   The International Printing Museum                    (315 W Torrance Blvd, Carson, CA 90745) WHEN                  Saturday October 19th & Sunday October 20th from 10 am to 4 pm ADMISSION                          General admission is $10                             Kids 12 and under $5 Cash is recommended though we do take credit cards. EXACT CHANGE IS APPRECIATED. […]

When is a Book Not a Book?

What makes a book, a book? Must a book contain a story? Must there be multiple pages, bound together? Must it be hand-held? Does a portable electronic device count? Is an audiobook a book? Is a book of stamps a book? What about a record of financial transactions as in, the company’s books show a […]

The History of the Book, Part 2: Saint Patrick

When most people think of Saint Patrick’s Day, they think of shamrocks, green beer, and parades. When I think of Saint Patrick, I think of monks, monasteries, and manuscripts. You may be surprised to learn that, if not for Saint Patrick and the monks and missionaries that followed him, civilization as we know it may […]

2019 Printers Fair Vendor Registration

2019 PRINTERS FAIR VENDOR This information will help guide prepare for the Los Angeles Printers Fair on October 19 & 20, 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm. Your Vendor Fee of $160 applies to both days and includes: One six foot table with two chairs in a 6′ wide x 5′ deep area Two […]

The History of The Book, Part 1

When we think of Gutenberg, we think of books. His invention of the adjustable mold and his use of metal alloys allowed for the mass-production of movable metal type. This invention, combined with his use of oil-based ink and a wooden printing press, led to the first printing of the most read book in the […]

Harriet Lindner Obituary

  HARRIET LINDNER, WIDOW OF MUSEUM FOUNDER AND COLLECTOR ERNIE LINDNER, DIES AT 94       The International Printing Museum experienced a sad loss on the morning of February 6thwhen Harriet Lindner passed away. Harriet was nearly 95 when she died peacefully at her home in Glendale, surrounded by her family. For over 50 […]

Leland Awards 2018

  This month we held our Annual LELAND AWARDS LUNCHEON, recognizing our Docents of the Year for 2018. We recognized two of our outstanding docents, Jack Conway and Juan Vela who have done so much to support and advance the Printing Museum over the years. Jack Conway, or “Captain Jack” as he is known during […]

Harriet Lindner Education Fund

  Harriet Lindner whose husband Ernie Lindner co-founded the International Printing Museum in 1988, loved education and the museum’s many programs to reach students of all ages. The HARRIET LINDNER EDUCATION FUND will help continue this legacy for generations to come. The International Printing Museum has created the “Harriet Lindner Education Fund” to honor Harriets […]

Favorite Letterpress Quions

Looking Forward to 2019

With the celebration of Ben Franklin’s 313th birthday last week, a time traditionally known as International Printing Week, this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the International Printing Museum this last year and our goals and aspirations for 2019. We think of the Printing Museum as the West Coast home for […]