The Book In Asia: Part II

For Asian American Heritage month, we will be exploring the history of the book in Asia. We will dive into how papermaking, bookbinding, and printing varied between different regions and cultures. Last week, we looked into how Japan they drew inspiration from Chinese innovation to create its own distinctive methods of papermaking and bookbinding. Today […]


If you were to ask someone “who invented printing?” there is a good chance they would answer, “Gutenberg, of course!” Although Gutenberg was the first person in Europe to invent the printing press and moveable metal type, printing predated him by several centuries. In fact, printing wasn’t invented in Europe at all– it started in […]


Paul Landacre’s Washington Hand Press The Lindner Collection at the International Printing Museum has numerous gems of printing history. Some of those gems even tell an unique Southern California history. One such example is the Landacre Washington Press.      The early origins of the press we call The Landacre Press are unknown (although false […]


WOMEN’S TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION NO. 1  HOW SUSAN B ANTHONY PARTNERED WITH AN AMBITIOUS TYPESETTER TO CHANGE HISTORY This past August, Americans celebrated the centennial of Universal Women Suffrage. The fight for that right blossomed at the infamous 1848 Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York. The convention was led by Women’s Rights pioneers Elizabeth […]


BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GETS OUR STAMP OF APPROVAL! Sunday January 17th, 2021 is Ben Franklin’s 315th Birthday! Everywhere you look at The Printing Museum you can see the influence of Franklin from some of his original prints to the Gordon Job Press. He is the Father of American Printing, but he had many, many other sons. […]

Hal Wessels Education Fund

  In Memory Hal Wessels Printer  February 1, 1926 – August 14, 2020     Gutenberg’s constellation in the heavens is a little brighter right now with the passing of one of the Printing Museum’s longtime printer/volunteers, Hal Wessels. Though he had other pursuits and passions, printing and teaching the graphic arts was the central […]

The A-Z of Odd Printers Jargon

Like many professions and communities, the world of printers comes with it’s own set of terms, phrases, and names that are specific to the printing trade. Some of them, like Uppercase and Lowercase, seeped into the larger culture (though few people actually know the origin of the terms uppercase and lowercase originates from the use […]

Amazon Smile

  Shop at and they donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to The International Printing Museum—no fees, no extra cost.   Add the Smilematic Chrome Extension so your purchases are automatically turn your purchases into AmazonSmile Donations.

Metal Type for Wayzgoose

200 fonts of Metal Type, various fonts Metal Type Photographs (not all available fonts photographed) Stymie 36 pt Cond, Caps Only  No Q   Modernistic 16 pt       Modernistic 24 pt       Modernistic 30 pt       Lombardic Capitals 72 pt       Lombardic  60 pt       […]

Letterpress Surplus Sale

The Following will be available for sale in person on August 15th, by appointment, or online through October! SURPLUS SALE For sale will be Vandercooks, Pocos, Tabletop Proof Presses, Platens, Pilot Presses, Kelseys, Windmills, Wood and Metal Printers Furniture, Oak & Metal Type Cabinets, Type Cases, Paper Cutters, Printing Supplies (Quoins & Keys, Spacing Materials, […]