2020 Virtual Los Angeles Printers Fair


The Los Angeles Printers Fair is going virtual! As much as everyone loves our in-person Printers Fair each year, we need to prioritize the health and safety of our visitors, vendors, and volunteers. So for this year, the Los Angeles Printers Fair at the Printing Museum will be held  On-line.


The Good News: instead of just a two day event, the 
2020 VIRTUAL LOS ANGELES PRINTERS FAIR will take place for the entire month of November! 



  • A dedicated website with an online marketplace: www.printersfair.com
  • Heavy marketing and social media with daily features and posts
  • Special sales promotions such as “Black Ink Friday” after Thanksgiving
  • A downloadable show guide 
  • Various levels of Keepsake Packages for visitors
  • At home activities and tutorials for visitors such as how to make paper or bind a book
  • Museum video Demonstrations and Museum Tours 
  • Virtual weekly raffles, 
  • On-site Surplus Type & Press Sales at the Printing Museum in the parking lot
  • A drive-in printing-themed movie night in Museum parking lot 

Our goal is to build traffic and eyeballs to the website, both locally and nationally, to increase your exposure and sales as a vendor to a wider audience. 

Your Vendor Fee of $75 includes:

  •  A vendor page in our online market place (available for the months of November & December). View Sample Vendor Page HERE
    • Links to your e-commerce, website, and contact information
    • (Optional) A self-produced short video (up to 2 minutes) introducing yourself, your shop and process, and your products 
    • (Optional) An artist bio and picture
    • 5 featured products with images and metadata for easy searching (can be updated twice)
  • Inclusion in our searchable on-line Vendor Marketplace
  • 5 featured products will be in a searchable object marketplace for visitors to browse multiple vendors at once by various categories (letterpress, notebook, Christmas, etc)
  • Inclusion in the physical and downloadable show guide (not guaranteed if you registered after October 13)
  • A post from the Museum’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and on the 2020 Virtual Los Angeles Printers Fair Facebook event page
  • Featured on one of the daily and one of the weekly LAPF emails 
  • A 24 hour feature on the LAPF Homepage
  • Participation in a Zoom Vendor Happy Hour on Sunday November 29th to catch up with the community and exchange tips on how you’re staying sane during Covid.

How to Participate:

  1. Pay Vendor Fee HERE
  2. Fill out Vendor Survey HERE
    a.   This vendor survey is longer and more in depth than normal so that we can make sure to include as much useful information to our participants/shoppers and maximize exposure to your business.
    b.   You may need a Google account to upload photos and videos to the form, if you do not have one feel free to e-mail the media to us (fair@printmuseum.org) or send it through Dropbox to mail@printmuseum.org
  3. Submit a video up to 2 minutes HERE
    a.     We will be inserting placards before and after your video so that all vendor video will form a cohesive series
    b.     Video can be a studio tour, introduction to your Company, a video of your artistic process, a product showcase, or something similar.
    c.      Video will be subject to the Museum approval
  4. E-mail us about including one of your items in the weekly raffle or collaborating on a tutorial, demo, or special souvenir

For more information or comments regarding the 2019 Los Angeles Printers Fair, contact fair@printmuseum.org. You can also call the Museum at (310) 515-7166 or (714) 529-1832

NOTE: As an artistic event, The Los Angeles Printers Fair is a celebration of Letterpress Printing, Paper & Paper Arts, Vintage Books, Book Arts, Printmaking, Screenprinting, Type, Typography, and other related arts. Vendors need to be within these fields; approval of vendor applications is subject to the discretion of Museum Management.


If interested in becoming a Sponsor of the fair please e-mail Director Mark Barbour at mail@printmuseum.org