Franklin Gallery Tour

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Beginning with a tour through the Printing Museum’s extensive collection of working machinery, you will experience the development of the arts and technologies used to transmit ideas, including writing, papermaking, printing and bookbinding. From printing a bible page on Gutenberg’s Press, to visiting Franklin’s printing shop, even watching the marvelous newspaper machines of the Industrial Revolution.

Following your gallery tour, you will step into the Heritage Theatre to meet the Inventive Dr. Franklin. Franklin will introduce you to his many inventions and discoveries, from swim fins to bi-focals, from the first lending library to the Constitution. Franklin demonstrates his static electrical generator, originally used to create a battery, as he aims to ignite young minds with the wonders of science and invention!

Tour Length: 2 hours
Age: 3rd Gr & Up
Program Fee: $200 for groups up to 25
$8 per additional guests
Audience Size: up to 70

Call 310-515-7166 to schedule a Tour or email us at the Museum. You may click on the image above to download a copy of the Promotional Card for printing.