Book Arts Tour

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Experience firsthand the colorful and graphic world of Books and Printing, from Gutenberg to the marvelous Linotype of 1886. The Museum’s Book Arts Tour is a visual journey through the graphic world of printing, paper, books and images using the world renowned collections of the Printing Museum. Your two-hour tour begins with the ancient world of the Babylonian clay tablets and Egyptian papyrus scrolls to the Chinese invention of paper and printing. After printing their own page of the Gutenberg Bible, students will help to set metal type and print the pages for a book. They will learn to sew and bind their first book using historical models as inspiration. If you choose a papermaking option, students will enjoy dipping their hands into the cold water of a papermaker’s vat, students will form their first sheet of paper. With wood type and engraved images of the 19th century, they will assemble and print a broadside, learning about theories of color and design. From lithography to typography, each tour can be customized to meet your curriculum objectives.

Duration of Tour: 2 hours
Age Level: 3rd grade and up
Fee: $250 for groups up to 25;
$10 per additional guest
Audience Size: Up to 50

Call 310-515-7166 to schedule a Tour or email us at the Museum. You may click on the image above to download a copy of the Promotional Card for printing.