Group Tours

Whether you are a teacher or principal and want to bring the history of printing and books, or the great inventors like Gutenberg and Franklin and their inventions to life for your students or you belong to a club or other organization that is looking for a unique venue for your next outing or you are an individual who wants to learn the traditional printing or the hands-on joy of practicing the book arts, the International Printing Museum in Southern California is the place for you!

We bring our world-class collection of antique, printing machinery to life for people of all ages through our award-winning school outreach programs, interactive museum tours, live entertainment in our Heritage Theater and our growing schedule of classes in our Book Arts Institute. Since 1988 we have touched over a quarter million people through our programs and activities, which led the Printing Industries Association of America (PIASC) to honor the Museum’s staff in 2008 for its successful and creative approach to interpreting our collection for the community at large.

You can reach us at (310) 515-7166 for more information about our tours or you may email us at the Museum with your questions. Click on one of the  Promotional Cards to be taken to more details about that program and be able to download a copy of the card.

The Inventive Benjamin Franklin

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The Museum on Wheels with Franklin

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The Constitutional Convention Tour


Ben Franklin’s Gallery Tour

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The Book Arts Tour

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