Dr. Leland Whitson and Luis Garcia | International Printing MuseumWe here at the International Printing Museum realize that different volunteers have different needs. That’s why we have two categories of volunteers. The first is our Volunteer Corp, lower commitment volunteers who help with special events when we need the most volunteers. The second is our Leather Apron Docent Guild, volunteers who come in once a month for a meeting and Saturdays when they are available. These volunteers are more specialized and are trained in more specific volunteer tasks such as tours, printing, or subject specialization. Whether you can only donate your time a few times a year, or a few times a month, we are grateful for all our volunteers do.

Volunteer Corp

The Leather Apron Docent Guild

The Leather Apron Guild is the Museum’s corps of volunteers. These men and women keep the presses running, the warehouse stacked, and perform the vast variety of tasks needed to keep the Museum going and help make it the popular venue that it is. Join and you get an apron, free lunch on Docent Saturdays, and lots of camaraderie. And you’re learning something new all the time!

Museum Volunteers meet the 1st Saturday of every month at the Museum, from 10am-4pm and work on a variety of projects depending on skill and interest. Lunch is provided. Come join our growing team. All Leather Apron Docent Guild Volunteers must be members of the museum.

Call for Museum Docents & Volunteers for Upcoming Events

Every Saturday at the Museum we will be busy with projects such as making decorations, gift shop organization, graphics, printing, general organization and more for all of the events that take place here at the International Printing Museum.

If you’re interested in joining the Leather Apron Guild, please fill out the Leather Apron Docent Guild application, or contact the museum directly.

Be sure to join our Volunteer Group on Facebook for updates: www.facebook.com/groups/docentguild

  • THE LUDDITE PLAYERS: Calling all Actors, Costumers, Musicians, Set Designers, and Stage Techs to help with Museum theatrical events. Contact Phil Soinski at (310) 515-7166 or phil@printmuseum.org
  • GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: If you want to contribute to the Museum by donating your skills as a Graphic Designer, contact Sara Halpert at sara@printmuseum.org so she can add you to our mailing list for our designers and notify you when we are in need of a nice design.