Leather Apron Guild – Volunteers

Dr. Leland Whitson and Luis Garcia


The Leather Apron Guild is the Museum’s corps of volunteers. These men and women keep the presses running, the warehouse stacked, and perform the vast variety of tasks needed to keep the Museum going and help make it the popular venue that it is. Join and you get an apron, free lunch on Docent Saturdays, and lots of camaraderie. And you’re learning something new all the time!

Museum Volunteers meet the 1st Saturday of every month at the Museum 10am-4pm and work on a variety of projects depending on skill and interest. Lunch is provided. Come join our growing team.


We are getting ready for our big 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration on Sunday, May 4th. This event will need a tremendous amount of work both before and during to put on and we have many tasks on the list. It will help if you can not only commit to the Gala but express an area that you can or want to work with. If you’re not sure where to help, just indicated an interest to help and we will plug you into a task! Thanks as always.

Every Saturday at the Museum we will be busy with projects such as making decorations, gift shop organization, graphics, printing, general organization and more for all of the events that take place here at the International Printing Museum.

By clicking on the links below you can volunteer for specific events with your area of choice and times that you can be of service.

Los Angeles Printers Fair
Boy Scout Merit Badge Day
25th Anniversary Gala