Ben Franklin’s Birthday – January 20th

ben franklin theater



Saturday, January 20th

The International Printing Museum

Show at 1 pm (11 am sold out)

$12 Adults and $10 Students & Seniors


Printing activities throughout the day
along with visits from Franklin’s Revolutionary Friends!

The first show is a special kid-friendly show at 11 am. Great for kids of all ages and families! Join Ben Franklin as he details his life in colonial America, his inventions and experiments.He will also have a surprise birthday visit by some of his American Revolutionary War friends like Adams, Jefferson, Washington and others for a fun interactive question and answer period with the audience!

Another show is at 1 pm geared a little more towards adults (high school and up) with Franklin reviewing his life, inventions and politics. This show will also be visited by some of his American Revolutionary War friends. There’s nothing inappropriate in the adult show, the subject matter is just a bit more serious and the language might be a bit above younger audience members heads.

After a 15 minute intermission following the 1 pm show, attendees of both shows are invited at 2:15 pm to a special Q & A session with all the Revolutionary personalities about their lives and times.

The Museum will be open from 10:00 AM until 4pm; special tours and hands-on demonstrations in the Museum’s galleries can be enjoyed before and after the Dr. Franklin Show in the Museum’s theater. Come join the fun and thank the dear Doctor yourself for all that he has and continues to do for America!