Print Press Rentals

Museum Venue Rental
The perfect place to hold an event. We have a large area that can be used for eating, can provide staff to give tours to your guests, and can even provide a press for guests to print souvenirs with your event name on it. Prices vary according to number of guests and facility requirements. Please call the office at (310)515-7166 or e-mail us at

Printing Press and Equipment Rental

The Museum has been renting equipment to major studios for many years. Our most recent endeavor was filming for the opening sequence in the new Sherlock Holmes movie (check out the letterpress-inspired title graphics), opening December 2009.

Play Rentals
We also rent to Plays. Mostly for the play “You Can’t Take it With You” by Moss Hart and George Kaufman. This play requires a 1930’s press of which we will rent for $250.

Contact Mark Barbour at for more information about equipment rental.