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New Temporary Exhibit On Display Now!

This exhibition displays proofs done by Peterson Engraving and highlights the intersection between printing and sports. Peterson Engraving was established in 1938 by George Peterson at 1208 San Julian St. in Los Angeles. They specialized in photo engravings for the printing industry, trade magazines, yearbooks, news magazine ads, and for one of the main ticket company in Los Angeles, Dillingham ticket company. Displayed are the proofs, the tickets on which the engravings were tested on before the final printing. On display are art and ticket proofs from the 60’s to the 80’s of Rose Bowl games, USC games, other various sporting events, and even the very first Superbowl! Learn about the process of turning art into mass produced tickets through the use of graphic arts cameras. Also on display are ticket proofs for the 1965 National Democratic Convention which chose Senator John F. Kennedy as the Democratic Presidential candidate. George Peterson’s grandson, George Bush has graciously loaned these items to the museum.


photo by Hubbard & Prospect

LA Printers Fair 2014



The International Printing Museum is proud to introduce our new Artist-in-Residence Bookbinder and Conservator Stephanie Gibbs!

Stephanie will be setting up shop in our Book Arts Institute. She will also start offering classes in bookbinding and book arts.

Stephanie recently relocated to Los Angeles after working as a bookbinder in New England for a dozen years. Her professional projects have been divided between limited edition fine press bookbindings in cloth and leather, and conservation of rare and antique books and documents for collectors and libraries. She also creates one-of-a-kind design bindings as commissions and art projects, and has a special appreciation for children’s picture books, and for artists books. 

Stephanie received her Masters of Arts in Book Conservation in England, and has studied with fine binders in London, Edinburgh, and Massachusetts.

With her relocation to Los Angeles and residency at the International Printing Museum, Stephanie is excited to help create a regular series of workshops and events for beginning and advanced students, and to working with local book artists/binders, printmakers, and creative writers.  She’s also looking forward to working on cooperative projects with the local letterpress community. 

Have a project, a question, or an idea? Contact Stephanie using:

E-mail: stephaniegibbs@gmail.com

Phone: 214-673-0329

Website: www.thebookconservator.com


Buy your very own piece of history at the 7th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair!

Want to experience the nexus between the past and future of printing technology? This year’s Los Angeles Printers Fair at The International Printing Museum will feature Gardena-based DEPTH 3D Printing which will demonstrate how 3D printing works and why it has become the leading method for rapid prototyping, modeling, one-off part manufacturing, ad specialties, art, and even custom food output.

Not only will they perform a complimentary head-and-shoulder computer scan for visitors providing a print-ready file, but they will also be demonstrating 3D printing by creating a miniature working model of Gutenberg’s original printing press of 1450, a piece of movable type that will be used in an antique printing press at the Printers Fair, and a miniature statue of Johannes Gutenberg himself. The Gutenberg statue will actually be 3D printed in full color, demonstrating the continuing advancement of 3D printing technology.

In addition, there will also be a demonstration of “Augmented Reality” by the digital marketing agency Verasim. Each 3D-printed object will function as a real-life trigger to a mobile application which will automatically link to media about the objects, no QR code needed!

Find the 3D Printing and Augmented Reality demonstrations in the Book Arts Institute Building during the fair.



Buy Your very own piece of history at the 7th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair


The International Printing Museum recently received thousands of Depression Era Art Prints. These 1937 prints were apart of an effort by the NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR ART APPRECIATION, spearheaded by Eleanor Roosevelt herself, to give the public a much needed moral lift by making available the world’s most famous paintings from the last few centuries, at a price within the reach of nearly everyone. They were created with the cutting edge technology of the day combining glass plate lithography with offset techniques.

After only a few months this project was abandoned and the more than 3 million prints left undisturbed in a warehouse until their rediscovery in 1964. The E. Joseph Cossman Company of Los Angeles, CA reassembled these masterpieces into Treasures of Art Portfolios.

Stop by the International Printing Museums’ booth at the Los Angeles Printers Fair to look at these beautiful full color prints. We will be selling the prints at the booth and proceeds will go to fund our Capital Campaign to expand the Museum’s exhibits and programs and to develop an operation fund for the Museum’s future.