The Los Angeles Book Arts Guild

Support Your Local Ludlow

November 12 at 1:00 PM


What exactly is a LUDLOW? Have you ever seen one in action? Does it print? What kind of machine is it that makes it so unique?

Come see for yourself this unusual typecasting machine and all the various type fonts that it can produce in hot, molten lead. If you have ever heard of the Linotype, you won’t want to miss its cousin. This machine was designed to cast large sizes of type just as the Linotype was designed for casting the smaller sizes. They work hand in hand to create works of letterpress art.

The Museum is trying to fill out its collection of Ludlow fonts with even more scarce and unusual fonts and with your support we can do just that. Come join the throngs that are going to SUPPORT THE LUDLOW PROJECT on KickStarter.

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General public, guests, and interested persons are welcome with regular museum admission.

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