Book Arts

Welcome to the Book Arts Institute of the International Printing Museum!






Purpose and Vision:
The Book Arts Institute (BAI) at the International Printing Museum (IPM) is a working center for the study and use of traditional and modern printing techniques, book arts, typography and printing-related arts. The Museum houses one of the nation’s largest collection on historical printing presses and equipment as well as a 7,000-volume library covering all facets of printing history, type design, papermaking and book arts.

The Book Arts Institute is comprised of:

• The 1950’s era Letterpress Shop & Teaching Lab, equipped with working platen presses, Windmills, cylinder press, Linotype and Ludlow casters, Vandercook presses, gold-foil stampers, antique book presses and more.

• The Type Lab, with nearly 1,000 fonts of wood and lead type, thousands of “cuts” and images, borders, and support material for all levels of letterpress printing.

• The BAI Library with nearly 8,000 volumes on printing history, typography and design.