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THANK YOU to all the attendees, instructors, presenters, and volunteers for making the 2017 APA Wayzgoose so great!

We got to bring out and print on presses we rarely use like the rare Asteroid Jobber ca. 1875 and the Ruggles Bill & Card Press ca. 1855

We had a FULL house for the LA Premiere of PRESSING ON:THE LETTERPRESS FILM and we printed our large woodblock movie posters ca. 1940s!

The above photo was taken in our BRAND NEW GALLERY (seriously the paint dried the week before). Couldn't think of a better group to see our new galleries transform into permanent displays and hope you can all come back and see it when it's done. Remember send any pictures or films with printing presses to

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The following is a write up from APA members about the 2017 Wayzgoose held at the Printing Museum.

"If you know how much I hate travel, unless perhaps on a cruise ship to or from Australia, you will understand why I dreaded going to the APA gathering in California. Adding some long time avoided promises to revisit old friends, we were looking at 11 days in various hotels and hundreds of mile on freeways and unfamiliar streets. My grumpy side was in full gear while packing.

Having survived LA freeways, we got to the museum mid-day Wednesday only to find what seemed to be barely controlled chaos. We fled before we could be put to work. The hotel was proper, as were the martinis therein.

Thursday’s surprise was the wonderful class on building with ornaments by Jen and Jessica Spring. We were surrounded by the moving of presses, cases, and skids of material. The way those fellows shift all that heavy equipment was fascinating. Our group’s calm location felt like being in the eye of a hurricane. Jen solved a problem I have been tackling for years without success, and the “Knot of Eternity” made from ornaments finally is workable. Finished piece should show up in the bundle soon.

All of the rest of the Wayzgoose was exceptional and being surrounded by the amazing collection of presses was almost overwhelming. We had the opportunity to run some of those unique presses and watch the workings of others. Both the lunch and dinner were well thought out and quite good. Lectures and slides of old artistic prints, rare type, and so forth were all extremely well presented. Just too many to mention.

The swap meet was well attended and I bought an antique rule bender before I knew it. Seems I’ve got a new project — bending rules for the APA. The auction was well presented by Sky Shipley. The BB&S Cooper Type from Rick Von Holdt managed to come home with me after some furious bidding.

The turn-out was good and we finally met many of the people whose work we’ve been seeing in the APA bundles. All in all, the entire meeting was a complete success and we were glad we were there!

Thank you to Mark, Sara, and the Museum Volunteers!

Lawrence Peterson
Gene Gates

Lawrence Peterson
Nine-18-Thousandths Press
1883 Lemon Grove Street
Henderson, NV 89052


CLICK ON THE PHOTO below for an article written by typefounder, letterpress collector, and printer Greg Walters about printing on our mid 19th century Ruggles and Asteroid presses during the LA Wayzgoose in July 2017.